Darren Ambrose, creative director of D&J Ambrose, has received his fourth nomination for British Hairdresser of the Year, a title he held in 2015.

There are only 8 hairdressers from across the country nominated each year; Darren says: “It’s a great honour to be nominated within the line-up for 2017! For me, it’s always an amazing pleasure to work with, and alongside, some of the icons of British hairdressing. It’s a very exciting time and I’m proud to be a part of this great industry.

“I’m so passionate about the art of hairdressing and in particular the freedom it allows us to create, enhance and look in all directions for inspirations and ideas; and then translate even the most ‘out there’ look to a practical and workable solution that will be enjoyed by our clients and anybody viewing the style. And there lies my passion, creating that transition into something workable, commercially viable and of course appealing to my clients and the people to whom I present it.”

The winner will be announced on Monday 27th November at the annual awards ceremony at Grosvenor House Hotel.

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