The D&J Ambrose Art Team, led by the iconic Darren Ambrose, presented an exclusive collection to some 60 Fellowship ClubStar members at the Wella World Studio in London. Darren and his team presented a variation of skills, ranging from precision cutting and session styling to advanced men’s hair techniques and covered topics like the evolution of hair colouring and its techniques.

Darren was joined by his Global Colour Director and 2017 BHA nominee, Clayde Baumann as well as his Men’s specialist and fellow 2017 BHA nominee, Michael Francos. The D&J team also took this opportunity to introduce their newest Art Team members: the talented GHD style squad member, Essi Karjalainen and Sebastian CULT team member, Krista Ward.

This star line up was well received for a jam-packed 2 hour seminar which concluded the D&J Ambrose educational circuit for the first half of the year.

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